Young Credit Union Professionals of Oregon and SW Washington

"Youth is too serious to become obedient." - Edward A. Filene

Edina Rizvic

Edina has spent all of her professional career in the credit union industry and she is proud of that! She began as a teller and has held numerous positions in-branch and in the contact center environment. She’s currently the Loan Services Manager at Unitus Community Credit Union and has been working at establishing a new department centered around servicing consumer loans.

Edina holds an MBA degree from EOU and an Undergraduate degree in Organizational Development/Business Admin. 

In her spare time, Edina likes to workout, travel and listen to audio books on self-development/leadership. Edina is fluent in English and Bosnian and her hope is to travel to a new country every year. In the last year she’s traveled to a total of four new countries and it’s safe to say, she’s exceeding her goal!

"If you work at a credit union, you're better than other people." - Sarah Canepa Bang